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Despite running on less than a handful of hours’ worth of sleep, I’m more than wide awake, alert, and ecstatic over Spain’s win over Germany, booking them a place in the finals. My main blog has been a shrine to La Furia Roja, who have been playing beautiful football throughout the World Cup (OK, so some games were major nail-biters and the Swiss beat them during their opening match, but hey, the tiqui-taca style works wonders). Bonus points that they’re a hot team and a fun bunch to boot.

And for every Spanish victory, here are some book recommendations for the fieles (faithful) a La Roja:

Los Secretos de La Roja (The Secrets of the Red) by Miguel Angel Diaz. Con La Roja has been translating portions of this book—very interesting! And it provides a nifty insider’s look at the dorkiness of the team that won Eurocopa 2008.