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Between you and me, this is the best gift for us grade schoolers of the 1990s, who hid the books in their bags, for fear of getting confiscated, who smuggled the books in the library, and under the guise of reading larger books, devoured the adventures of Liz & Jess during free periods of reading time.

Call the series trivial and fluffy, but Sweet Valley will always have a soft spot in my heart, kind of like an extension of our circle of friends back then, since most of my classmates were reading the books and swapping titles was commonplace.

And really, from Sweet Valley Kids to Sweet Valley Teens to Sweet Valley High, it was as if the series grew up with us. Now we get a glimpse of what happens 10 years later—I hope it will be epic.

And I hope Steven Wakefield (hottie that he was and always will be) will make an appearance.


I opened my newsletter from Powerbooks, scanned through the featured titles, and saw an upcoming Sophie Kinsella title called, “Mini-Shopaholic,” which should be out sometime in September.

I can’t wait for this! (Anyone who knows me well enough knows that Sophie Kinsella–Madeleine Wickham in real life–is probably the only chick lit author I am totally devoted to.)

I’m returning to my regular reading now that the World Cup 2010 is finally over. And in case you were living under a rock, those hot Spanish men I was rooting for were crowned champions.