Mika has been blogging for over six years at my little corner of the world, which is just about as random as any tiny space in the universe could get. She loves the smell of new books, curling under covers with a good book and a bowl of ice cream, and hanging out at bookstores to flip through random titles when she’s too broke to go shopping or too tired to go window shopping.

She didn’t know what got into her to start a new blog dedicated to books. She probably thought she could come up with posts as reflective as her high school journals for English Literature. Whatever this is or will be, it’s just one of her multiple repositories online.

One day, she’ll figure out how to make this more interesting.

  1. ivanlabayne says:

    books and ice cream, sounds fair enough, interesting, and not to say, delicious bricolage 🙂

  2. Rick M. says:

    Mika, Ownshelf is a new service for eBook readers to share their ebooks with friends across devices. We just launched our beta and opened up to public use and feedback. I would like to invite you to try it out. Blog about it if you like. And certainly send me any feedback.



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