Spain Swag! (Well, of the bookish kind, that is)

Posted: July 8, 2010 in books
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Despite running on less than a handful of hours’ worth of sleep, I’m more than wide awake, alert, and ecstatic over Spain’s win over Germany, booking them a place in the finals. My main blog has been a shrine to La Furia Roja, who have been playing beautiful football throughout the World Cup (OK, so some games were major nail-biters and the Swiss beat them during their opening match, but hey, the tiqui-taca style works wonders). Bonus points that they’re a hot team and a fun bunch to boot.

And for every Spanish victory, here are some book recommendations for the fieles (faithful) a La Roja:

Los Secretos de La Roja (The Secrets of the Red) by Miguel Angel Diaz. Con La Roja has been translating portions of this book—very interesting! And it provides a nifty insider’s look at the dorkiness of the team that won Eurocopa 2008.

El Niño: My Story by Fernando Torres—Ah, my love for Nando knows no bounds, despite a scoring drought in the World Cup. I’m still hoping he scores one over the Netherlands (he would’ve scored one during this morning’s game, but Pedrito didn’t pass him the ball—¡Que pena!)

Viatge D’Anada i Tornada by Gerard Piqué—In English, it translates to “Round Trip”. I could be wrong, but this book is written in Catalan, right? In any case, it probably would be a treat for Piqué fans, as he chronicles the path he took to reach where he is now (from being lord of the groceries to Manchester United to Barcelona and everything in between). I probably will never learn Catalan to save my life, but all I know is Piqué makes Spain’s celebratory manpiles all the more interesting.

I don’t have any of these books, and I’ve tried (subtly) looking at a couple of bookstores in Manila, but I really doubt that any store would carry these titles—unless of course the stores take notice when (I repeat, when, not if) Spain wins the World Cup this year, Filipinos pay more attention to football, and eventually follow our conquistadores to World Cup glory, some 40 years from now.

In the meantime, I’m paging Bloo if any of these titles could be found in the wonderful world of BookMooch.

Edit #1: I know that a lot of you are dropping by this page looking for info on the books. I wrote another post to apologize for the lack of information you’ll find on my blog. I’m still trying to find a way to source these books from Europe. Let me leave you with this, for now:



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