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I just came from a block screening of Eclipse last night (complete with swag from the organizers, including a Candy magazine with Robert Pattinson on the cover—which I tried reading and got a headache after), and yes, I found the movie more enjoyable than the book. Well, that’s probably one thing about the Twilight series—the movies are so much better than the books.

That being said, I wonder why I’m writing about Twilight. I’ll probably get another round of “low-brow taste in books” jabs or endless gagging noises, but hey, whatever floats our boats, right? I don’t consider myself a Twihard, but I do understand the appeal. I think the books are poorly written, but I have all four books in mint condition, despite reading them multiple times. Consider it one big cognitive dissonance on my part. (Dammit, Stephenie Meyer, stop playing with my head.)