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More travel books

Posted: March 26, 2011 in books

A certain friend who wishes to remain nameless sent me a message to immediately scoot over to Fully Book’s Top Shelf for a sale for discount card holders. This is what I got, for 50 pesos each. Without really realizing it, I have built a library of travel guidebooks. I need to find a nice shelf for all of them.


I never try to miss the Manila International Book Fair (MIBF), largely because it’s one of Blooey’s major events, and of course, it can be quite the mecca for book lovers in Manila. I’ll leave it to Blooey to tell you all about the MIBF in greater detail, but here’s one thing I can tell you.

Always go on the last day of the MIBF.

Of course, for someone like me who doesn’t really relish the experience of swimming in a sea of people in a crowded place, it can be a bit of a harrowing experience. The trick is in the timing—be there just when everyone is either just waking up on a Sunday morning or when they’re just having lunch. If you stay there by past 2 p.m., the crowds can eat you alive.

So why the last day? Because companies like National Bookstore mark some of their titles at ridiculously low prices. As a friend said, it’s a mine field! This is my first time to go on the last day of the MIBF. In previous years, I ended up with only a book or two, but this year, my haul turned out to be this:

Save for the collection of Filipino poems that I got from UP Press, the rest are all from the sale shelves (more like piles and piles of books you’re willing to dig through) of National Bookstore. I must admit, I do keep an eye out for travel books during sales—because I find it hard to fork over a thousand bucks for each book. The photo above is proof that I dug through the piles for travel books on sale—and each of the travel books cost me only P30! Even the “1,000 Places to See Before You Die”, which I thought was already a steal at P400 (marked down from the original price of a thousand or so, if I remember correctly), but when I reached the counter, the cashier told me it was only P30! Oh joy, oh love! I found other books on London, Barcelona, and Chile, which are places I would love to explore one day, and a comprehensive guide on the USA for a cheapskate.

Bloo also found a copy of poems about Sylvia Plath, which she thought I might like. (Yup, I’m a fan of Sylvia Plath—there’s always a sense of subversion in her writings, and I think she may not have gained the fame/respect she has now if she didn’t take away her life.)

I also got another Spanish-English dictionary, which was a steal for less than P80. Yeah, consider me a dork that collects travel books and Spanish-English dictionaries for the heck of it. (In my defense, they are very useful!)

That’s pretty much my MIBF round-up. Bloo and I are still reeling in from the luck we had in scouring for great books today!

P.S. I am finally reading “The Hunger Games”. I’m digging it, but that will have to be the subject of a separate post!