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Thanks to a friend who was in Spain for a couple of weeks, I finally have a copy of Miguel Angel Diaz’s “Los Secretos de La Roja”! My copy is hardbound and in the 3rd edition. I’m not sure what the updates on the third edition are, but I suppose it would be the parts on the 2009 Confederations Cup in South Africa. (OK, I’m now wishing Señor Diaz would come out with a World Cup edition of this book.)

As I’ve said before, my Spanish is nothing beyond basic, so it will take quite a while before I can finish the book with full comprehension. (I can understand bits and pieces so far, so as Sergio Ramos puts it, “some help [needs to be] going on.” If you want some juicy tidbits from the book, Con La Roja has generously translated parts of the book for us, which you can read here.

So for now, to appease you all, loads of photos: