Pottermore: The Magic Lives On (I think)

Posted: June 24, 2011 in literary news
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I’m a Potterhead.

I’ve read and immensely enjoyed the first three Harry Potter books back in high school (circa 1999-2000), years prior to when the mania fully exploded when the books were brought to life on the big screen. I remember the days when my books would be passed from one classmate to another, or the days when I’d make sure I’d get the latest Potter book the same day National Bookstore first released it, or when my friends threw a Harry Potter party and I came dressed as my favorite w(b)itch, Bellatrix Lestrange (there are photos online, but no, I won’t point you over there from this blog).

When Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was released in 2007, Blooey, Dianne, and I lined up at Powerbooks Greenbelt 3 sometime past 6 in the morning, just to be one of the first Potterheads to grab a copy the moment the store opened at 7:02 a.m. We all immediately went our own ways once our books were purchased, and we each went through the whole eight hours of non-stop reading, laughing, crying, and getting excited at every possible turn in such a grand adventure.

Then the inevitable hits you. It is all over.

Well, not really. As I am also a fan of the movies (I do think they have been improving with each installment), I think I would have felt the finality once the eighth movie will be released. But even before I could get to feel that, J.K. Rowling announces that Pottermore will be launched later in the year. See the video below:

The sneak peek into what’s in store for Harry Potter fans worldwide is just enough to create a palpable anticipation by end-July and October 2011. As a communications practitioner, I am excited to see what this next adventure in the Potter world would be, as it seems to be poised to bring the digital experience to a whole new level altogether. As a Potterhead, I feel a tremendous sense of relief that the magic will continue, based from the demand of millions of fans worldwide, whose imaginations have been masterfully captured by J.K. Rowling (especially those like us who have literally grown with the series).

I was finally able to submit my email address on the site. Here’s to hoping the magic would continue in the digital space and more secrets in the Potter world would be revealed! (And yes, I do think Harry Potter is the definitive piece of literature of our generation, but that ought to be the subject of another entry some other time.)

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