You cannot resist the power of the (cute) Force.

Posted: March 8, 2011 in books
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Here’s one thing I’ll admit. I’m a Star Wars nut. I grew up watching the movies on betamax, VHS, and Laser Discs. There’s a VCD set here at home, and about four DVD sets (having different versions) of the entire series. Yes, there are differences. There’s definitely a set that includes those never-before-seen scenes that are now part of the extended version.

When you’re in my place, it’s a bit hard to find girl friends that share my enthusiams for Star Wars. Darth Vader who? Boba Fett what? Jabba the Hutt—is that another Pizza Hut? You get my drift. To this day, none of my girl friends understand that magnificent world that George Lucas created. I’m tempted to host a Star Wars marathon at my place.

Or I could convince them to do some Star Wars crafts with this book:

Totally adorable, right? I need to have this for my future kids as well, because I’ll be brainwashing them with Star Wars (apart from grooming them to be future football stars, that is). I’m just gushing at the pictures on the cover, so if anyone can find this on bargain bins in the future *cough*Bloo*cough*, you know where to find me.

I just think—hey, we can create a cute Star Wars universe without having to involve midi-chlorians!

  1. Skytalker says:

    i love star wars! i know what midi-chlorians are! haha.

  2. blooey says:

    Because I am the girl friend that does not share your enthusiasm for Star Wars, I will trawl bargain bins for this book for your future kids 😀

    • Mika says:

      Sorry, Bloo. I was able to approve this comment just now because it ended up on the Spam folder. I don’t know why. Yup, my kids will be Star Wars nuts and football stars… and nerds. Haha! (Shh, don’t tell Fluffy! Haha!)

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