On e-readers and some.

Posted: February 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

I must admit I’m trudging veeeeeerrrrrrryyyyy slowly on the book I’m currently reading. I’ve seen its movie version to kind of get to the point of the story, but here’s one thing about me—I make it a point to finish a book I started. I’m not sure how much reading I can get this week, especially with plans to go to Bacolod and football in the next few days.

Since I’ve mentioned traveling, I’m finally thinking of getting an e-reader, only because the value I see in one is that I don’t need to lug around a thick book when I have to travel (assuming I get a lot soon). Blooey and Janeh convinced me about getting an e-reader during a sleepover a couple of weeks back.

Do you guys have any recommendations as to what to get? I’m just going to have it bought for me in the U.S.


P.S. I surely hope Liverpool creams Chelsea tonight. You can visit my LiveJournal on my thoughts on the Torresgate.

P.P.S. Laban Azkals! 🙂 The much-hyped home game versus Mongolia is this Wednesday in Bacolod, and I’m seeing it! And yup, I did interview their #10 a couple of weeks back. Again, it’s on my LiveJournal.


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